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Ok devientart what the heck man/woman (no clue) A new layout screen!?! what is this Youtube? I really preffer the old one and this may sound like a minor complaint but this really blows
I literally spent 2 hours organizing my favorites... I have ocd when it comes to organizing things
I finished my Chaos Remix Chapter and it's 2000 words long sadly I can not update it here with all this new crap! :( Devientart THIS IS NOT OVER I WILL SUBMIT THE CHAPTER
I still didn't update my fanfic even after the test. rest assured I am working on it I have a small part done but still better than nothing
my fanfiction of attack of the fangirls got 100 views :D Also sorry for not updating in my other fanfic but I'm really busy I got a test coming up on Wednesday so i have to study like crazy! but still sorry I don't know if I can update for a while ಥ_ಥ
I just found out that Max Payne 3 gives the best inspiration for writing. Mainly Because of the fact that Max narrates his life so well. In Fact Max should be a fan fic author :D
on September 4 school starts for me. Updates are going to be slower mainly because of this also on Christmas holidays I will be off on Vacation (not my choice). Don't expect any updates during that time. I really don't have a problem with school it's just that I suck at French. :(
I recently started working on on the chapter. I also am experiencing minor writers block I feel it takes me several days just to get some minor motivation. Hopefully I can over come it.
It's up now. It's actually pretty long one of my longest since chapter 1
Chaos remix chapter 7 is in progress should be done by by Sunday or Saturday. I need to go the beach on Saturday (don't ask) so yeah
Finished it this morning and uploaded it. i also like to add that I uploaded on and people (but no many) like it. so now I got to post a story on 2 websites
it's up I'll make chapter 3 will be in the production later
Hey guys my first fan fic is up hope you enjoy i accept advice but please don't criticize me
I'm planning on writing a story on devientart but i don't know how to work it... embarrassing i know