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A.N: I don’t own PJO
I crash landed about a meter from the ground
Ow I thought
As I got up I began to see the camp... what’s left of it anyway most of the cabins have been destroyed. On the hill I saw two figures fighting, it was Chaos and Nexus. Instinctively I ran over. I was vaguely aware of campers noticing me but that wasn’t exactly my top priority right now. I saw Alpha taking out a horde of skeletons these ones had a different aura of power than Carly’s. They must have belonged to Nexus.
I was about two feet away from them when Nexus looked right at me he sniffed the air like a hound.
“A chaos host? You sneaky bastard Chaos.” Nexus said.
Nexus voice sounded dark and evil. His arm extended enough to grab me and what happened next was just downright ridiculous Nexus swallowed me. I couldn’t breathe and all I saw was pitch black. I didn’t know how long I was in there but I was eventually cut out when Chaos slashed his scythe (which suddenly appeared) on nexus stomach causing me to be dumped on the ground. Chaos extended his hand also but instead of trying to eat me his body merged with mine.
Instantly I felt stronger my wounds began to heal it was like I just drank red bull. Before I can do anything else Nexus attacked me. Faster than I thought I raised my hand creating a pure black shield just as Nexus pulled out his own scythe to attack me.
“Your welcome.” Said Chaos who was currently resting on my shoulder (and teddy bear size I might add) “nice to see you finally joined the party!”
I didn’t have time to react as I took out my sword blocking Nexus’s attack just barely.
“Yeah great but how exactly do you kill it?” I asked as I ducked from another attack from Nexus.
“You don’t.” Said Chaos.
“How exactly is that helpful?”
“I’m just stating facts.”
“You’re starting to me of Annabeth.”
“I’ll take that as a complement.”
“SHUT UP!” Screamed Nexus as he punched me causing me to roll down the hill as I landed Nexus took a giant leap and slammed at me. I rolled out of the way just in time as he rammed the ground so hard the ground cracked and his hand was stuck on the ground.
I took the opportunity and managed to get a good slash at Nexus but his wound just healed. He finally managed to get his hand off the ground as he punched me again causing me to crash through several layers of trees.
“That won’t work. Here use this.” Said Chaos
Chaos touched Riptide for a second and the sword began to glow turning into a Chaos Scythe.
“Thanks.” I said
Nexus ran up to me but this time I was prepared. I countered his attack and slashed his stomach. This time it did damage as Nexus grabbed his stomach in pain.      
He tried to punch me but I sliced his hand out but as I slashed his right arm his left arm turned into a sharp point and stabbed the side of my stomach. Some blood poured out as Nexus removed his left hand in my stomach and tossed me aside. I landed on a tree causing a huge crack of where I landed.
All of a sudden Gadget appeared next to me he was standing on his hover board.
“Please tell me you know what to do.” I said
“Thankfully yes I’ve created a virus that directly attacks immortal blood but you’re going to have to hold him still for me to shoot it at him.” Gadget held out a dart gun. “I’ll used this to administer it.”
“Sounds easy enough.”
“You wish” Gadget said then he left.
As I got up I was punched again by Nexus but this time I was prepared. I grabbed his fist with my left hand and punched him with my right hand. As he was dazed Gadget took the opportunity and shot him with the virus.
Nexus screamed out in pain and ripped the dart out. He got back up fine.
“Didn’t you test that?” I asked.
“That was the test.” Said Gadget.
“Oh wait I have an idea.” Chaos said “Where’s Alpha?”
“Over here.” Said Alpha
He appeared so fast I jumped a little.
“Alpha” said Chaos. “Trap Nexus with your shadows.”
Alpha did exactly what he said but it looked like his shadows would break any moment. Chaos got off of me and took the scythe he walked up to Nexus and impaled him. Next he just ate him whole. The three of us just stood there blankly as we watched Chaos digest Nexus.
“What...” I asked
“Of course! If Nexus is in Chaos’s stomach he won’t be able to get out.” Explained Gadget.
I clutched the spot where Nexus stabbed earlier.
“That’s going to need medical treatment.” Said Alpha
Campers began coming in examining the damage. Campers noticed me and began running up to me I couldn’t hear what they were talking about I was too busy looking at Annabeth who seemed surprised I was there.
My vision blurred than I blacked out.
When I woke up I was on a bed but that wasn’t the strange part. The strange part was that Chaos was directly in front of me.
“Hi.” He said
I screamed and accidently hit his head. I noticed I was in a change of clothes and covered in Bandages like a mummy all of a sudden Annabeth came in.
“Is everything alright?” She asked then she noticed me.
“I’ll leave you two alone.” Chaos said before me or Annabeth can protest.
Awkwardly Annabeth sat on a chair next to my bed.
“I’m sorry.” She said.
“For what?”
“For cheating on you I just don’t know what came over me.”
“What happened to Joe anyway?”
“He got stabbed and died.” She said.
I couldn’t have been happier for someone to die but I quickly cast that thought aside. If I think like that then I’m no better than him but it was strange Annabeth doesn’t seem to act like that.
Annabeth began leaning in and I did too oddly enough. A few seconds later our lips connected.
“Hi.” Said Chaos.
I didn’t know whose face was redder me or Annabeth (totally not ripped from the book The Last Olympian). Behind him was Gadget and Alpha.
“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.
“Well since you went through all that trouble for little old me I decided to tell you what really Joe was planning.”
My eyes widened and so did Annabeth’s.
“What?” Annabeth asked.
“As you both know Joe was jealous at Percy’s fame. So he decided to poison the drinks during dinner.”
“So I’m innocent?” Asked Annabeth
“Yes.” Chaos said.
Annabeth was so happy she hugged me.
“Ow” I complained
Annabeth instantly released me and checked on me to make sure she didn’t break anything.
“I already told the camp about it while you were passed out for three days.”
“Three days!?!” I yelled.
“It would have been longer if it weren’t for me but whatever.”
It felt great to know that none of my friends were really responsible and I guess me and Annabeth are in a relationship... Probably (Yes it is).
Chaos, Alpha, and Gadget left so I can rest.
“So what are you going to do now?” Annabeth asked her tone sounded like she didn’t want to know the answer.
“Stay here I guess.” I said
Annabeth looked relief to hear the answer and walked out claiming I need my rest. I looked out at the window tired and exhausted ready for some much needed rest. I slowly shut my eyes and went to sleep...
Well this is it the end :P
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