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Camp Half blood
Alpha and Percy were walking in the woods.  
"So you mind telling me why you let Joe in the first place?" Percy asked after a few moments of silence.
"Well that's what you get for making me sit with him." Alpha said.
Percy sighed. "Ok. So I got this while I was at my mom's apartment." He showed the box that he got earlier in his apartment.
"Hmm, impressive. Ok a deals a deal." Alpha said after a minute of thinking.  
He walked over and placed his hand on Percy's eye and muttered what Percy presumed was a magic word. After he took his hand off Percy removed his eye patch he ran over to the lake and examined his eye. It was normal. Sadly most of the Campers were there and when they saw him Percy was immediately bombed with questions. Thankfully Alpha explained since Percy was in no mood to start explaining. When Alpha was done everyone was quiet in amazement while some of the Apollo campers couldn't help but be jealous of Alpha's abilities. As Percy was walking back to his cabin he was interrupted by a camper.
"Hi." She said. She looked about Eight years old. She was wearing a camp half blood shirt with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
"Hi." Percy replied.
"They said you weren't coming back. We would talk about you at the Hermes cabin. I'm glad you came back and all but why did you come back?" The girl asked.
"I don't know honestly. Hey what's your name?"
"Jenny!" The girl said happily.   
"Well Jenny it's great seeing you I got to go pack now and get some sleep maybe we can talk later."
"After you stop those people are you staying?" Jenny asked her voice mixed with curiosity.
"Maybe if I don't die in the process." Percy said jokingly. "Who is your godly parent anyway?"
"HERMES!" she said way to loudly getting attention from nearby campers.
"Well see you later." Percy waved to Jenny.
After Percy recovered from the shout he walked away. It was then he realized his wallet was missing.
"Daddy's little girl." Percy mumbled under his bed.
Come to think of it, Percy thought. It's a wonder my wallet survived that long.
Percy walked in his cabin brushed his teeth, packed his things, and went to sleep. Five minutes later Joe barged in angry. Percy just looked. Joe was wrecking the cabin with his anger. Percy went up to stop him.
"HEY STOP IT!" Percy yelled.
Joe looked at him and attempted the worst punch Percy has ever seen. Percy got the fist and for a moment thought about punching him. He decided to let him explain.
"What the Hades do you think you're doing?" Percy asked.
"You're the one that removed me in the first place Joe and I don't know about you but I don't think people hating me define "great"."
"Do you have any idea how close I was to scoring Annabeth? I was this close." Joe said he moved his index and thumb up to eye level and placed them apart so that they were a fraction away from touching.
"What's your big attempt annoying her till she says yes?"
Joe's face was now purple. "You listen here Jackson when we go to that cruise stay out of my way Annabeth's mine!"
"You don't own her!"
"And you do?"
"No I don't in fact one owns her and that's what defines her she's completely independent and won't just back down for someone like YOU!" Percy said losing his temper too. He was about to continue when he notice a shimmer outside. He looked closer and realize it was a camera. People saw Percy looking at them and instantly ran say: "Abort" Repeatedly. Percy noticed they were Hermes campers. Most likely the Stolls
"They were filming us." Percy realized.
Joe's anger caused him to not noticed and continue trashing the place. Percy grabbed him lifted him in the air and walk him over to the big house. Hoping to get that incident off his mind and hopefully get some sleep.
Still Camp Half blood
Conner and Travis were running as fast as they could back to their cabin. Previously they were walking around looking for prank opportunities mainly because they had been losing there edge lately. Anyway they were near Percy's cabin when they heard screaming. They ran to the window and saw Percy was arguing with Joe. Thinking this could get bloody they got a video camera even though it's against camp rules. The camera they were using was a Samsung galaxy phone with HD recording. One of the many Samsungs they stole. They started recording. They recorded for about a few minutes until Percy noticed them. At this time the brothers ran for their lives saying: "Abort" repeatedly.
Once they got in the Hermes cabin and decided to lay low till things cool down. They looked out the window to see Percy walking over to the big house and dumping Joe off who was struggling. He knocked the door and ran as far as possible. Joe was going to run back if it weren't for the fact that was tied down by a rubber band. He got out but not long enough for when Chiron came out he saw Joe and sighed already knowing how he got here.
Anything else was immediately cut off because Percy was now walking to their cabin. Panicking more than a paranoid man they ran to the bathroom locked it and slipped out the window which was big enough for one of them at a time.
Percy walked to Hermes cabin very calmly. He knocked the door. There were several groans and whispers before one of the campers answered.
"Yes?" He answered not looking at the person. When he saw him he looked like he was about to crap himself.
"Yes I'm looking for the Stoll brothers."
"Th-there in the bathroom."
"Is there a window big enough for a person to go through.
"Yes?" The camper answered which was more of a question.
"Is the door locked?"
"Yes? Why are you asking this exactly?"
Percy was about to walk out before a girl screamed "PERCY!!" Percy looked around to see Jenny.
"Hey" Percy started. "You know funny thing after I talked to you my wallet was missing."
"Sorry." Jenny said giving me the puppy dog eyes.
"Don't be I'm impressed."
"Those that mean I can steal your wallet more often?" Jenny asked while giving Percy back his wallet.
"You're only getting one appreciation don't get overboard." Percy said with a smile. Then he left.
Percy walked over to the back of the cabin and tried his best to remember the plans Annabeth showed him. Having a architect as a girlfriend does have advantages. Percy walked to the back and noticed the bathroom window was opened.
Huh, Percy thought. I feel like a F.B.I Agent in a really cool action film.
Percy walked back to his cabin to get some sleep. Whatever happens tomorrow he'll deal with it... hopefully.
Annabeth was walking back to her cabin when he noticed the Stolls running towards her.
"Annabeth!" Travis said franticly "Help us I think Percy's on out tail."
"Why?" Annabeth asked confused.
"We'll explain later can we go to your cabins quickly please?" Conner begged.
"You guys know it's almost curfew right?"
"Just five minutes please!" They begged.
"Ok, ok fine." Annabeth said giving in.
The Stolls looked like they were about to hug the life out of her but instead they ran in and hide somewhere.
"Why is Percy after you guys anyway?" Annabeth asked
"We recorded Percy and Joe fighting." They said.
"Okay." Annabeth said while looking out the window. "Percy went back to his cabin. You can go now."
Travis and Conner hugged Annabeth before running off. This would later turn out to be a bad idea because when they were hugging her Annabeth pick pocketed them. She managed to get the Samsung galaxy they had with them but by the time the Stolls found out it was curfew.
Annabeth checked the video and lip sync the words that Percy and Joe said before destroying the phone and made sure the memory stick was broken beyond repair and quickly went to sleep...
Hey new chapter hope you enjoy :D
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