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Third Person P.O.V 3 weeks later:
Alpha was currently having the worst day of his life. He just got his ears screamed at by Chaos’s council (or the useless club as Alpha likes to call them). He rubbed his ears as he turned off the holographic projection of the council. The strange thing was Chaos wasn’t even there and the council hated him because of his rebellious streak. As he walked out of his tent he noticed everyone gathered around the camp fire. Strange considering it wasn’t even night time yet. As he walked toward it he noticed that Chaos himself was standing there as everyone talked about him curiously.
“Oh hey Alpha.” Chaos said waving him with his gigantic right hand. “You should try some of this stuff!”
Chaos grabbed an entire turkey and gulped it down. His mask made a gigantic hole as the turkey entered through and closed just as quickly leaving no evidence that it was opened before. As he chewed it down a big bubble shape appears on his cheek and just as quickly left leaving a turkey size sphere moving down his throat and disappeared.
Alpha looked in disgust he could never get used to that even though he was the first Chaos Solider.
“Chaos what are you doing here?” Alpha asked deciding it was best to just ignore the previous moments.
“Oh yes I need to return most of the solders to their sectors.”
“What why?!” were heard all around the camp.
“Good riddance” said a new voice.
Everyone turn around to see Joe standing there. Ever since Percy disappeared he act like it was thanks to him that the others are alive.
“We don’t need him all we need is me.” Joe continued.
“Technically without a Chaos Host your chances of winning would be zero.” Gadget said. “If you have our help however you may stand a chance in winning.”
Joe looked mad. “You take us as cowards?”
“No only you.” Alpha said.
Joe looked like his head was about to explode. “If you think you’re so strong why don’t you prove it? I challenge you to a duel.”
Chiron stepped about to interfere and Dionysus looked excited like he was hoping for blood shed... specifically Joe’s blood.
Chaos expanded his hand and blocked Chiron.
“The boy needs to be taught a lesson.”
Chiron would’ve argued but the tone in Chaos’s voice made it clear no interfering.
Alpha accepted the challenge and they both walked over to the practice arena. Alpha grabbed a sword from one of the display cases and moved into fighting position. As the fight began Alpha barely moved at all. Joe was easier to fight than a tree.
As their swords clashed together Alpha stabbed Joe’s arm. The wound only skinned him but blood was pouring out already. Joe dropped his sword and put his other hand at the wound.
“You bastard!” Joe screamed.
“Never intentionally drop your weapon.” Alpha said
He kicked Joe with one hard kick knocking him out. Campers cheered at Alpha as he walked away.
Third person p.o.v:
LightSpeed was currently at a apartment in New York. Papers and research was stacked everywhere. He didn’t even know why he was doing all this he just felt that this is all related.
One of the papers fell from being stacked way to high and Lightspeed cursed as he picked it up. Lightspeed realized that it was a text book on history. Chaos gave it to him as a birthday present along with a bag of bacon. Lightspeed smiled at the memory but his smile turned into a frown as he realized that it was turned in to a specific place the war where the dead started to rise because of Carly. The T.V was on to the news as he heard it realization hit him like a wave.
“Still no clue on how this happened but reports say that random acts of violence kept happening. Police are still investigating whether the acts are related or not.” The reporter said.
Lightspeed eyes widen at the textbook in front of him. It said the exact same thing.
No has to be a coincidence He thought
Though he was proven wrong when his computer flashed message he ran over to it and checked it. It said that Chaos is bringing back most of the army because of the same reason. Lightspeed’s eyes widen as he realized everything. Random thoughts popped into his head like: how could I be so stupid? Or Idiot, idiot, idiot! But one was clear. I need to stop Chaos from finishing that order. Faster than ever he ran to the door only to get impaled to it by a spear. He screamed a curse as Carly walked through.
“Sorry about that.” Carly said in fake apologetic voice. “But you know way too much for your own good. Such a shame I had to kill the youngest commander first but you left me no choice.”
She pulled out a dagger and moved in to finish the kill. Lightspeed made a apology prayer to Chaos as he closed his eyes. Lightspeed would normally just pull the spear out but it’s been infused with so much magic his powers are being tampered buy it.
“Don’t worry this will be quick I promise.” Carly said.
Sure enough she was right Carly may be evil but she always kept her word...
2 days later (sorry for all the time jumps but this is the last one)
Campers gathered around the pavilion as they mourned for their fallen comrade. Even Annabeth was there but her eyes were puffy from crying so much.
Alpha walked in front of Lightspeeds coffin.
“We are here today to honour our friend. He was an important man to our cause and I’m sure died with honor.” Alpha said
Than he walked off no long speech or anything as he walked off he noticed Chaos looking sad. He met up with Gadget who was now wearing black suit as if taking a wedding picture.
“Any word on where Percy is?” Alpha asked. Trying to calm down he couldn’t let emotion get to him.
“No still M.I.A (missing in action for those of you who do not know)” Gadget replied.
Percy’s P.O.V the void
I woke on a bed with a splitting headache a old man with a cane was sitting on the bedside but what shocked me was that he was a spirit.
“Am I dead?” I asked.
“No.” The man answered “But you’re going to wish you are.”
“Where am I?”
“The Void of course.”
sorry guys for not updating it's just that with school this is like minor priority for me
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