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Camp half blood
Campers were all huddled together at the boat. Joe was walking confidently to the boat. Joe was about to get on when Percy hit him so hard he knocked out.
"Oh no he's knocked out." Percy said casually as if it's a regular occurrence.
Alpha just shrugged and walked in Percy followed close behind and what he saw almost made him crapped his pants. A robot was standing there with a girl next to it.
"Omega? What are you doing here?" Alpha asked confused.
"Chaos told me to come things must be serious if all of us are here." She said.
"Wait." Annabeth said. "Wasn't there seven of you."
Alpha, Lightspeed, and Omega stayed quiet.  
"Let's go in." Alpha said changing the subject.
As they walked in Omega introduced herself. They learned she was a daughter of Zeus and some other information.
"What's with the robot?" Nico asked.
"Oh that's just Cyber don't mind him." Omega replied.
Cyber was big. Like huge big. He was taller than everyone by at least three inches. Every time he talked his mouth wouldn't move. One look at him and you could tell he can take you down without breaking a sweat.
"Hello." Cyber said which everyone but the commanders almost jumped out of their skin.
"You can talk?" Percy asked.
"Last time I checked yeah."
Percy just nodded and quickly ran to his room.
"He acts like it's now normal." Cyber noticed.
"This world isn't as advanced as others Cyber." Omega explained.
"Oh" Cyber said before walking off.
Percy was peacefully asleep dreaming about a certain Blonde headed gray eyed daughter of Athena when his door burst open. Percy's eye opened and he grabbed riptide the tip pointing at the door. Cyber was standing there confused.
"Sorry." The robot said. "You weren't answering for ten minutes."
"What are you doing here?" Percy asked still sleepy.
"Yeah Nico drank red bull."
At those words Percy instantly got up a fearful expression on his face.
"He was really thirsty so he accidently drank omega's red bull."
"God's help us." Percy mumbled.
"It can't be that bad... right?"
Percy put his hand on his forehead while looking down before answering
"Last time Nico drank red bull he wanted me to go to the underworld and when I said no He hugged my leg for the entire day until I agreed."
"That is bad." Cyber said gravely after Percy ran out of the room.
Percy ran down the stairs and ran into Annabeth.
"Percy Nico's-" Annabeth started but was interrupted by Percy.
"I know believe me I know."  
Percy ran down the stairs to the living room within the boat to see Nico and what he saw made him want to stab his eyes out. Nico was watching Dora the explorer.
"Nico. How much red bull did you drink?" Percy asked afraid of the answer.
"Oh a few..." Nico said. Percy sighed with relief. "Dozen."
At this Percy ran into the closet and began screaming out curses that were muffled by the closet door. Percy walked out later perfectly normal.
"Nico." Percy said with fake calmness. "Are you watching Dora the explorer?"
"Yeah Percy it's so cool! It's about a little girl with a pet monkey doing stuff."
"How? It's just a girl that's high and thinks everything is real."
"We should do that sometime!"
"NO!" Percy shouted. Bad enough that Nico is having a sugar rush but pretending he's Dora. Just no.
"Oh come on?" Nico pouted. When a son of Hades pouts it's a very scary thing to see.
"Just turn off the T.V." Percy said while face palming. Nico turned off the T.V.  "Aren't we not supposed to use T.V. any way?"
"Gadget modified it." Nico said pretty fast.
Percy sat down already exhausted from dealing with a really energetic Nico.
"You handled it yet?" asked Cyber. He was leaning sideway from the door with everyone else behind him. Percy shook his head. They all sighed (well expect for Cyber but that's not the point) then left. Before Percy could even reply Nico drank another red bull.
"Come on let's go do something!"
Percy took his drink and threw it behind his back causing the drink to land on the garbage bin
"No more red bull for YOU!"
"Aw" Nico said before jumping up and down the couch.
Percy began slamming his head on the table in frustration until he got an idea grabbed the T.V. remote and switched until My Little Pony was playing.
"OH GODS THE HORROR!!" Nico screamed before running to his room.
Percy sighed with relief and almost went to sleep when alarms shocking him awake. Percy shouted a four lettered colourful word before running to see what's up he ran too see...
Cliffy please donít kill me. I see an angry mob out there already. Any way what do you think it is? First person to get it right will be mentioned in next chapter! Also I if you guys saw my journal it says that on September 4 I will be going back to school sadly this is true so donít expect as much updates as normal also on winter holidays I will be in Las Vegas (Crazy I know right?) so yeah.
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atlantian12 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
you've already planned ur winter hols? wow.
By the way, I've been meaning to ask, are you American or British?
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none Canadian you?
atlantian12 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
ok, neat, never met a Canadian... probably cos' I live in Yorkshire...
MrMrGuns Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
I don't know much about Yorkshire anyway
atlantian12 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
Well, not much to know, has 4 sections, North, east, south, west, has a city called York (where I live) and has a lot of countryside.
MrMrGuns Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
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