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Camp half blood, Joe (P.O.V)
(A.N I'm trying third person P.O.V for this chapter to see if I'm any good at it)
One would describe Joe as a person to die from pride. After Percy left one of the younger campers described Joe as if a monster ever attacks camp half blood I hope its Joe. This quote would later turn on as one of the camps motivational posters. These posters would be sold by the infamous duo the Stoll brothers at the camp store.
Joe was right now sitting at his cabin steps while being sent glares from other campers that walked by.
This is unfair, Thought Joe. Somehow my lunatic of a brother got the campers too hate me.
The truth is Joe's thought is actually Ironic because he was the one too ruin Percy's life. How Joe did this would surprise most of the campers because his I.Q was as equal as how clean can the Hermes cabin be. Anyway how he did this was he spiked the camps water supply with a potion that would cause people to obey his command. The potion has now expired and the magic was gone. Though that was long after the Percy Jackson event.
So now Joe is silently eating his lunch.
One of Chaos's many ships, Alpha's P.O.V
Alpha was currently wondering how much mortals changed over the years. The last time he was on earth was when Chaos recruited him.
In truth Alpha was a son of Hades so you can imagine him being on serious. Alpha was all serious until he met Miranda. Miranda was a assistant to Gadget (A.N we'll get him later) and met Alpha when he was still a recruiter. Soon their relationship grew to the point of marriage.
But that's not the point. The point is Alpha was worrying over what to get her wife for their anniversary. Alpha settled on getting something rare on earth for his wife.
Maybe this Percy character can help me, He thought.
Alpha landed on Camp half blood. As the campers looked at him he couldn't help but feel a little weird. But his emotions didn't get threw his mask (which covers everything expect for the mouth and the bottom of his nose) and hood. He was about to say something when the Olympians came in. Instantly the campers all got off of their tables and bowed down.
"Campers" Said Zeus. "This is Alpha the Chaos commander we've been telling you about."
Alpha simply nodded. The realization seemed too hit the campers and they all started returning to their tables while whispering things about me. After a minute I decided to end the whispers
"Have any of you seen Percy Jackson?" Alpha asked.
Every one stopped and looked at me.
"What do you want with my son?" Poseidon asked.
"Well Chaos wants to send an invite to Percy Jackson to join his army."
At this everyone glared at me. What was the saying if looks could kill?
"Hey it's an invite not mandatory and besides if he wants to stay he can stay."
Everyone seemed to calm down. At that moment Gadget came out. Gadget was in charge of the technology. He was a son of Hephaestus. Thus creating his nickname. He has dark hair red eyes and mainly wears his uniform most of the time.
"This is Gadget." Alpha greeted.
"Hi" Gadget said.
"Why are your eyes red?" one of the younger campers asked.
"Lab accident damaged one of my pupils I can still see just fine though." Gadget answered.
"Gadget here is in charge of the technology and should be inside." Alpha said trying to make Gadget get the hint. Gadget got the hint of course but decided to ignore it.
"What makes you so special?" Joe suddenly asked.
"Oh gods it's him." Gadget said and quickly turned back.
"What does he mean?" Joe asked.
"You're quite hated in the army mr.Kane." Alpha said
Everyone sent glares at Joe's direction. The conch horn blew three times and everyone instantly panicked.
"Attack!" a camper said.
That was what all Alpha needed to understand what it meant.
All the campers ran to the front to see a mass army coming. A lone demigod came out. Everyone recognized it was Ethan Nakamura.
"Campers" Ethan said "we are here to burn Camp Half Blood join us or you're against us."
No campers moved. The Chaos army moved towards the front to be ready.
"Very well then. ATTACK!!!" Ethan shouted.
In a matter of minutes the entire hill seemed to turn into a battlefield as the two armies clashed together. Since the chaos army was far more advanced in training the battle lasted about half an hour.
As Ethan and his monsters retreated I noticed a hell hound lung at a girl with Blonde hair and grey eyes. Alpha was about to react when a sword threw out and landed on the hellhounds eye. The campers knew instantly what it was but for alpha it took longer to realize the sword is Riptide. After a minute of silence Joe got mad for gods know what Alpha doesn't know.
"Where are you Perseus!?" Joe screamed/asked
"Here" Replied a motionless response.
All the campers jumped when they saw Percy. Some of them (including Joe) screamed out. The only one that was not fazed was Alpha
"Sorry" Percy said not showing any signs of apologizing at all. That's when people started noticing a demigod was tied behind him. "Anyway I got two questions: 1. Who's he" Percy said pointing at me "and 2. What did you guys inject in me?"
"I'll explain everything." The Blonde said.
so should I keep third person or first peron you choose. feel free to comment. seriously COMMENT
atlantian12 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
... what DID they inject him with? and... how does he know about camp half-blood again? I thought he had erased all his memories of it with the potion?

meh, good work, I think you are a bit better in 3rd person, keep it up! :D
MrMrGuns Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
that would be explained next chapter
atlantian12 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
ok... UPDATE! lol, update asap, but don't rush on my account:D
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