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A.N: I own nothing (Also read my A.N on the bottom really important.)
Percy’s P.O.V:
“Follow me.” He said as he got up using his cane and walked out before I could respond.
“So... you said I’m in the void but isn’t it for dead people?” I asked and immediately regretted it.
For a split second I could have sworn the guys face looked murderous. I let out a sigh of relieve when I saw that his looked change to a poker face. Probably think it’s not my fault that I’m stupid.
“Well let’s move on.” The man finally said.
“Wait what’s your name?” I asked.
He stopped right there. I was afraid he was going to give me that look again but he just scratched his head as if he didn’t know. Five minutes later he still was confused.
“I honestly don’t know.”
“What how come you don’t know your name?” I asked
“Well barely any spirits know there name anymore. Most Chaos soldiers that die don’t know what their name was well at least until they had purpose again.”
That didn’t really help me but I just went with it.
“So if people need purpose to remember their names how come you don’t remember yours?”
“Like I said don’t l know I guess I’m going to need a new name.”
“Well... how about Max?” I asked.
“Sure there’s not much use for a name once you’re dead.”
Max began walking inside a what looked like a training arena.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“You need to learn how to be a Chaos Host if you have any hope in hosting two spirits at once.”
My eyes widen as I felt different, as if a pain in my stomach has been removed.
“Took us a whole two hours just to remove both Keeper and Kronos out of you, you know?”
Before I could respond Max sat down on a chair and signalled me to sit down.
“A Chaos Host is rarer than an endangered animal. Too think two Chaos Host would exist in the same generation surprises me.” Max said
“How did I get here?” I asked my mind was still fuzzy.
“Keeper brought you here.” Max explained.
I suddenly felt stupid for not thinking that. A vortex appeared in front of us.
“Speak of the devil.” Max mumbled.
Keeper appeared but unlike Chaos he’s not goofy.
“Hello.” Keeper said as he waved a giant hand.
Keeper looked exactly like Chaos expect for the fact that he’s gray.
“So the dead finally wakes.” Keeper said.  
“Oh hey.” I said sarcastically.
Keeper chose to ignore me and talked to Max.
“So what are u guys talking about?”
“Just introducing him to the basics.”
“Oh ok.”
“So. What do we do anyway?” I interrupted.
“Oh yeah!” Max said. “ So let’s try hosting again.”
My eyes widen.
“Oh no not again.”
“Don’t worry now with a little more training you won’t have blood gushing out of your mouth again!” Keeper said reassuringly only I wasn’t feeling assured.
For a few minutes I sat there. Max and keeper’s gaze wasn’t helping. Eventually I gave up and said fine. We stood up and walked to the center of the training arena and before I can react Keeper literally went in me. I thought I was going to start vomiting blood (A.N: do you see that mental image of Percy vomiting blood? Enjoy that) but surprisingly I felt fine.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“Oh keeper is just inside of you.” Max explained. “If you’re wondering why you’re not vomiting blood that’s because you’re not using any power yet.”
I let out a sigh of relief.
“Now go use some of it!” Max said excitedly. “I haven’t seen some good entertainment in centuries.”
I brought out a groan.
“Ok” Max continued. “I want you try to create something... how about a teddy bear? Yes that will work.”
I did as he asked and concentrated really hard until out of thin air a teddy bear appeared. For some reason no blood came out.
“hmm nice though I would prefer it not blue” Max said as he examined the teddy bear.
“Why am I not coughing out blood?” I asked
“Simple you aren’t using a lot of power.”
Keeper popped out of my shoulder and looked at the teddy bear.
“Not bad for your first try.”
“Thanks.” I said
I instantly felt tired and sat down on the floor.
“Okay let’s take a break if your need me I’ll be at the bar once you guys rest up.” Max said once he went outside.
“Bar?” I asked ironic since I’m trying not to drink anymore alcohol and if I did I will probably lose half my brain cell in the first five minutes.
“Yeah a local bar in the center of the void. Most spirits go there mainly to do something.” Keeper explained
“Am I even allowed to go there?” I asked. I was pretty sure you had to be at least 18 (for me it is 18 I don’t know if it’s different for other people) to go.
“Nah no one cares when you’re in the void. I saw a five year old kid there once.” Keeper said
“Wow.” Was my awesome response as I get a chair and sat down.
Keeper popped out of my shoulder which was very disturbing. We sat there in silence until my adhd started acting up. It was demanding we do something other than sit around. Eventually I got up and walked over to the bar. I was about to go to out the door when I realized I had no clue where to go.
“Need help?” Keeper said
“Uh sure” I said  
Keeper popped into me once more and this time appeared above my head as he pointed forward.
A few wrong turns later we finally made it to the bar. Inside was sure enough filled with spirits. Some were dancing together while others sat in tables talking to each other. We saw Max at a table by himself.
“So your back?” Max asked.
“Just asking but how do you drink if you’re dead?” I blurted out  
Keeper smacked my head.
“Show some respect.” Keeper said
“It’s alright.” Max reassured “And to answer your question Percy the dead don’t need food or drinks but we do it anyway.”
I felt like asking why but I had a feeling that Keeper was going to smack me again.
“So what happens now?”
“Now? Oh now we train” Max said
I sat down and took a drink from my good friend alcohol when I suddenly saw Chaos there dancing with the spirits. I spilled out my beer and said one word
hey guys hope you enjoyed this early update take it as a Christmas present
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