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Percy's Apartment front door
Percy couldn't explain the nervousness of entering his apartment. He simply ignored the feeling. Well ignore isn't exactly the right term. More like suppress it until he can't think of it anymore.
Anyway Percy walked up the door and after five minutes of thinking what he's going to say Percy knocked on it. There was nothing at first but then he heard a faint "I'll get it". Percy noticed the voice was Paul's. Paul opened the door and gasped as he saw Percy.
"Uh Sally you might want to get in here." Paul said.
Sally walked up and gasped too. This time she looked like she was about to burst in tears of Joy. She quickly hugged him before dragging him in. While they were in there Percy was bombed with questions. Percy then explained everything from how he was found and the Chaos army etc. His parents for their part just nodded. When Percy was finished his Parents were deep in thought.
"Okay." Paul said after a few minute of silence. "You're saying the world is in danger again?" Percy nodded.
"Promise me Percy you'll come back alive." Sally said.
"That's a promise I can't keep and you know that mom." Percy said.
She nodded grimly. A bright light appeared in the room interrupting there reunion. The light disappeared and out came the god Poseidon.
"Hello Sally." Poseidon greeted. "I need to borrow our son for a moment."
"Of course." Sally said.
Poseidon smiled and both Percy and Poseidon disappeared in a ball of light.
Percy awoke in on a room with sea green wallpaper everywhere. The first thing he noticed was that he was underwater. As he got up a merman guard came in the room.
"My lord your father wishes to see you." The guard said.
"Okay." Percy said tiredly.
Percy and the guard walked all the way to the throne room where Poseidon was. Poseidon noticed him and greeted him.
"Ah, Percy I see your awake." Poseidon greeted. "We need to talk."
"About what?" Percy asked.
Poseidon motioned for the god to leave with a wave of his hand.
"I want to say I'm sorry." Poseidon said awkwardly.
"I don't want an apology I want to know why you just tossed me aside for Joe." Percy said with his arms crossed.   
This in itself was a question Poseidon couldn't answer. He in fact didn't know why he did it in the first place.
"I honestly don't know..." Poseidon trailed off disappointed at himself for not thinking of a better reply.
Percy sighed. "I do forgive you but until I get a answer I don't know if I can trust you now if you can be so kind as to get me out of here."
Poseidon nodded grimly before sending him back.
Percy awoke in his apartment.
"So how was it?" Sally asked.
Percy got off and looked around as he headed toward his room. When he saw his room he noticed it wasn't much of a room.
"Sorry but when I found out you were dead I actually turned some of the things around." Sally explained.
Percy walked up to the railings. He noticed the moon lace he got from calypso. This time there was a whole bunch of them. (A.N: The wiki said it so don't start hunting me down if I'm wrong.)
"They started growing more." Sally explained.
An idea popped in his mind.
"Can I use one?" Percy asked.
"Sure." Sally said confusion in her voice.
So Percy spent an hour preparing it to look like a gift with a blue ribbon tie.
"Hey mom can you drive me back?" Percy asked
"Sure." Sally replied.
Camp half-blood
As Percy got off his mom's car he breathed in the forest scent. He walked up the hill remembering where his eye got brutally stabbed out by the barf covered hell hound. Well his eye was going to be repaired soon.
As Percy walked in the first thing he saw was a person running in the speed of sound.
"What the-" Percy said but before he could finish the person crashed into him.
  "Hey aren't you Percy Jackson Saviour of Olympus?" The man asked.
Percy nodded.
"OH it's always a pleasure to meet you I'm Light speed." Half his face was covered with a masked. The type you expect to be covered by a superhero. At this time Alpha ran in along with Percy's friends.
"Oh hey Percy. This is Light speed son of Hermes he was sent by Chaos to assist us." Alpha explained.
"What do you mean assisted us? He looks like if Flash from dc universe got high and drank as much caffeine as possible."
"Hey." Light speed said getting off Percy. "I have you know that the creator of Flash got that off of me."
Percy notice his hand was on fire. He pointed at it. "Should I be worried?"
"No that's just his ability to control fire. He also isn't allowed to drink caffeine anymore. He was the one who caused the Titanic incident."
Everyone stayed quiet at that.
"Well good thing your back Percy Gadget has to fill us all in."
"YEAH! Come on, come on" Lightspeed said pushing Percy forward. Eventually Light speed picked Percy up Bridal style and ran there. When he got off Percy was clutching his heart and breathing like crazy. The rest of the group came. Joe was laughing at Percy and Percy would have punched Joe If Light speed hadn't beat Percy to it by punching Joe.
"You know I might just like you." Percy said.
As they walked in they saw gadget working on the counter of his mini-lab.
"Oh your here." Gadget said
"So what do you got Doc?" Light speed asked.
"For one you call me doc one more time and I will rip you legs out. Anyway I got the information Alpha sent and found where are they at." Gadget said as he pressed a button and a holographic version of earth poped up.
"He is located here." Gadget said and a red dot appeared somewhere in Canada. "I found them there in our satellite. But that's not all one of our fugitives are there."
He pressed another button and a picture popped up.
"Meet Carly Jefferson. A child of Hecate she has more control over magic then most and uses it to her advantage."  Percy looked at the girl and noticed she looked very young she also had black hair and some accessories.
"At the age of 16 Carly accidently gave herself immortality. But here's the strange part she's been gathering magic ever since she escaped. More magic than she can contain..."
Alpha's eyes widen threw his mask. "You're not saying..."
"Yes Alpha I think she's going to recreate the awakening..."
"By Chaos himself last time she did that it destroyed five galaxies but she did it on accident why would she want to do that again?" Alpha said.  
"I'm sorry I didn't read much history what do you mean?" Percy asked.
"The awakening was one of the worst events ever created. Carly accidently build up so much energy that her body was force to release everything. The energy was so big that it started reviving the dead. They also started obeying her. She used this to her advantage and nearly conquered the universe. It was this reason that the chaos army was created. Along with the council." Gadget explained.   
"The council?" Annabeth asked.
"There these bosses in charge of big chunks of the universe Alpha here is in charge of reporting on earth's activities. I hate them they think there in charge of everything I like to see them do some of our mission's" Light speed said.
Everyone nodded.
"So this Chaos Army doesn't seem very powerful." Joe said.
"Light speed do you want to do the honours?" Percy asked.
Light speed happily nodded and punched Joe so hard he landed on some very fragile equipment.
"LIGHTSPEED! That's fragile." Gadget said and started swearing on how expensive that stuff is.
"Hey if you work for Chaos couldn't you just ask him to summon another one for you?" Annabeth asked.
"Good question but no. Barely anyone see's Chaos. The only one who has direct access is one of the commanders. Alpha here is one of them. Light speed is also one. There are seven in total."  
Everyone nodded. Joe was still on the expensive equipment. Light speed noticed and ran over to Joe and carried him all the way to the big house before coming back.
"So do we get a boat or something?" Nico asked speaking for the first time.
"Sure." Gadget said. "You can get going at tomorrow so who's going?"
"Let's see" Alpha said. "We'll bring Nico, Percy, Me of course; we better bring Light speed before he hurt's someone, and last but not least Annabeth."
"Don't forget me." Joe said as he came back still a little dazed.
Percy was shaking his head sideways while looking at Alpha.
"Okay you can come Joe." Alpha said. Receiving dirty looks from everyone.
"Okay who knows how to drug someone?" Percy asked.
Light speed raised his hand. Percy gave a evil smile
"Good" He said. "We have insurance in case he get's annoying. I'll go pack my things now."
Everyone nodded as they got back to what they were doing...
Man took FOREVER to finish hope you enjoy
atlantian-12 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
They're gonna drug Joe! Brilliant
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