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A.N: I am so sorry for not updating at all on this fanfic for a few weeks. It’s just that I have a test coming up on French and I need to study. Also I don’t own anything on Percy Jackson all material expect my OC’s belong to Rick Riordan
______*insert awesome line break here*______
Percy’s P.O.V
Gadget pulled out a tube from god knows where and laid it on the table. The tube get rolling in to a cylinder and eventually Gadget grabbed two 100 cm rulers and placed one on the top and the other on the bottom swearing all the way.
We had difficulty keeping our laughter.
“Oh shut up.” Gadget said “Anyway there’s a party going on at the mansion tonight.  The person’s daughter’s birthday apparently, were going to sneak into this party.”
“Hmm seems simple enough.” I said.
“Well there’s another problem...” Gadget trailed off
“Well the only way to get to the owner is if through his daughter and that’s Percy’s job.”
“WHAT!?” Me and Annabeth shouted at the same time.
“Why not Joe?” I complained.
“Yeah why not me? I’ll swoop her off her feet!”
At this all of us laughed Joe was as red as a tomato. After a few minutes we eventually calmed down.  
“Okay but seriously Percy you have to do this.” Gadget said.
I let out an exhausted sigh but nodded. Annabeth looked shocked but otherwise didn’t say anything.
Gadget clapped his hands together.
“Excellent meeting dismissed get rest while you can!”  
With that he walked off.
________*insert awesome page break here*_________
Gadget might be a scientist but he wasn’t smart enough to get us separate rooms.  
Not exactly the most comforting room is it? The voice said within my mind
You don’t say?  
The voice remained silent.  Eventually I managed to fall asleep (a good one this time). I awoke from Annabeth shaking me repeatedly.  
“Get up seaweed brain.” She said  
I got up stretching.
“Where is everyone?” I asked.
“Their going out to get the suits for the party.”
I nodded feeling a little tired from waking up. As I got up everyone came back.
“Where’s Joe?” I asked.
“Joe got arrested for screaming you should’ve seen it! One cop electrocuted him!” Nico said excitedly.
“Yeah don’t mind Nico he accidently drank red bull (I do not own red bull).” Alpha said.
“Anyway ready to go to the mansion?” Omega asked?
I remembered my job and sighed before nodding.
“Great!” Omega said.
__________*Insert awesome page break here*_____________
We walked all the way to the Mansion. As Gadget said there was in fact a party.
“So we’re going to do this quick. Go in and out once we get what we require we’ll meet at the rendezvous point. Wear these masks” Alpha said. Alpha gave up these human masks that changed our appearance.
We all nodded and walked in. The place was amazing to say the least. It had everything a teenage girl would want for her birthday. I saw a girl with a dress partying with her father next to her.  
“That’s her.” Alpha said “just flirt with her and that will bring his father. He’s well known to be over protective.”
I decided to take the drunken approach. I grabbed a bottle of wine poured a glasses drink some of it (What? Ever since the Steele family got me drinking I have little habits now and then). The girl was alone now here’s my chance. I walked over pretending to be drunk.
“Whoa I think I had a little too much to drink.” I said drunkenly holding my wine filled glass.
The girl giggled “I’m sure you did.”
I grabbed her hand “Why don’t we dance?” I said.
We danced for a while until her father came sending glares at me I smirked as Alpha walked over.
“What are you doing with my daughter?” He asked in a stern voice.
“Daddy you never let me have any fun!” The girl whine.
“Now honey I want only what’s best for you.” He said.
While they were arguing Alpha walked over to and pick pocketed the guy. He walked over to light speed and passed him the key giving him orders he nodded and left. Well I’m done my job. I walked over to Nico and Annabeth.
“Hey guys.” I said.
Annabeth gasped “Perseus Jackson why are you drinking you’re under aged?” she said in her mother voice.
“Sorry Joes parents gave me a slight addiction with alcohol.”
“You never said that when you came back.”
I was about to reply when a explosion appeared. I was really tired of explosions happening everywhere.  Out a door came Carly. She was well dressed and seemed to be able to spot all of us. Light speed ran next to me with a bag.
“what is that?” Alpha said appearing suddenly next to us.
“bad stuff man LIKE real bad stuff.” Light speed said scared.
Immediately we all paid attention to him.
“She’s planning to revive the dead.” Light speed explained.
We all gasped. Alpha stayed completely still, no doubt thinking of bad memories.
“We have to get it out of here.” Annabeth said.
We all nodded.
She’s right Percy. The voice said in my head.
Dude this is so not the time.
I know but it will be every soon
Chaos wasn’t lying when he said I was going crazy. Look at me talking to voices in my head it gets very annoying real quick. I was pulled out of my thoughts by another explosion. My hands gripped riptide that was in my pockets.
“We have to get out now!” I said.
We ran as fast as we can do the hill (Which is the rendezvous point by the way). We were half way up when I saw Joe which surprised me.
“What took you guys so long?” He asked with his arrogant smile which disturbs my very being.
“We have to hold this place until the ship arrives.” Gadget said.
“Ship?” Annabeth asked.
“You’ll see.” Alpha said.
Carly came up with a couple of skeletons one was holding a camera Carly noticed me looking at the camera.
“Oh this?” she said pointing at the camera. “this is going live from Olympus too camp half blood and everywhere!” She said as if I should be impressed.
I had to stall for time somehow.
“Why do you do this?”  Alpha asked.
“So everyone can know more about Percy of course. Like the fact that Percy is hosting Kronos!”
My eyes widened a million questions were in my mind like how did she know? Or what do I do now?
I remained silent as the others tried to defend me to little successes.
“That’s not true!” Annabeth said mostly too herself.
More skeletons came up the hill led by Ethan.
“Ethan why are you doing this?” I asked
“You want to know why? I gave up my life to stop Kronos only realizing my mistake! I wasn’t even remembered for what I did!” Ethan shouted.  
Carly poked Ethan and killed him... No I’m serious that really happened. I stood there staring at his dead body. Blood pouring out touching my shoes... And I felt strangely happy. Like his blood putted me at ease... What were these thoughts? They certainly weren’t mine.
“Go on without me.” I said.
“What!? We can’t just leave you.” Gadget complained.
“I said go!”
“Don’t be a damn hero!” Alpha said.
“I’m not.”
“If you want to save the world so bad try not to burn it first.” Alpha replied than he walked off Omega and Light speed carrying Annabeth and Nico who were struggling to leave.
“Smart choice they won’t get in the way for what’s next.” Carly said “Now show me the power of a Chaos Host!”
Instantly a blob appeared through my cloths and out came a doll sized man with a mask like Chaos, only his waist and everything under it was missing.
“Feels good to be free!” He said.
“What in god’s name are you?” I asked.
“I am keeper of course! Brother of Chaos.” Keeper replied.
Instantly I felt in power I reached Riptide and uncapped it. As power soared threw it I began to vomit blood.
“Oh sorry my bad.” Keeper said.
Even with the pressure of everyone looking at me through that annoying camera I felt pretty tired. I push these thoughts away and slashed at Carly she jumped away with gravity defying leaps and I slashed a few skeletons instead of her.
Skeletons appeared and readied their rifles at me. I raised my left hand up and a shield appeared covering me from the blasts. When they ran out of ammo I flung the shield at them sending them rolling down the hill.
I saw Carly and aimed my sword at her I was going to slash her but my sword turned into a scythe.
“The Scythe of Chaos to think you can summon it this early. I’m impressed.” Carly said.
Whatever power Riptide radiated the scythe radiated one million times more. I could feel myself being ripped apart from the power though. More blood spilled out of my mouth as the scythe grew in power. I could see everything now I could see people at Camp half blood watching me along with the gods-wait is Zeus jealous?-  Information was flowing through my head as I watched my mind was starting to crack.
“It hurts doesn’t it? That’s what happens when you use the Chaos Host for the first time. You’ll be lucky too survive.”
“You’re a Chaos Host too?”
“Yes but you don’t exactly know the meaning. You won’t live very long to know the meaning though.”
A crazy grin appeared on my face. She noticed it.
“Oh so you choose to give in to madness. Let me warn you though this type of madness you don’t come back from. Chaos himself couldn’t do anything.”
The crazy grin plastered off my face as her words hit me.
“I won’t give in then.” I said. Even talking felt like a rusty needle stabbing at my throat.
I wasn’t going to give up so easily. I was going to beat this. A gigantic ship flew on top of us. I instantly knew that was the ship Alpha talked about. The Ship was not at all appearing to relate to Greek architecture it looked like one of the ships you would expect from futuristic games. Skeletons aimed their guns. I stabbed them with my scythe before that could happen. The ship landed and retrieved the people. I noticed things like the captain being known as admiral. And to fire the cannons you had to sit at one of the seats and fire the correct buttons
They lifted off and began firing at the skeletons. Another ship that looked like a ghost pirate ship came flying through and attacking the ship. Flying skeletons with wings would fly around and take a solider before flinging him/her off the ship. The ghost ship boarded the ship and began to Attack.
Chaos Soldiers grabbed weapons from rifles to swords and everything in between as they fought for their lives. The cannons can’t fire without risking destroying their ship too. I needed to do something an idea popped into my mind. I tried thinking of something to create before I knew it a rocket appeared in my hand. I threw it at the ghost ship causing a lot of skeletons to fly overboard. The chains keeping the two ships together flew apart causing room to appear between the two.
“Now!” The admiral shouted
Alpha used the shadows too operate the canon controls and fired at the ship. Instantly the ships blew up.
I turned my attention at Carly.
“It’s over.” I said.
“Not exactly.” She said
As soon as she said it I felt like my insides just imploded. I vomited blood collapsing on the ground. Then she disappeared. I kept vomiting blood.
“We need to leave.” Keeper said as he transported us out. I passed out from blood loss too soon to see where we were heading.
Third Person P.O.V
An old man was sitting on a rock admiring the sun. His cane was in his lap as he stroked his light beard. A black portal appeared behind him and out popped Chaos.
“Yo! How’s it going?” Chaos asked.
“Chaos what brings you here?”
“Well you see Percy is in fact a Chaos host and I need you to train him to host both me and Keeper.”
The old man was deep in thought when finally Chaos said.
“let’s have tea!” Instantly a table with tea and Bacon strips appeared.
The old man walked towards it and ate Bacon and drank tea.
“So are you going to do it?”
“Yeah I knew I could count on you anyway piece!” Chaos said giving the piece sign and teleported out. In his place a picture of Percy...
__________*insert awesome tag line here*_________
A.N: Man this is the longest chapter yet! So sorry for the delay I hope this makes it up. Also what should I call the old man? Pm me for ideas also review! :D
Ok guys after a hour I finally figured it out
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