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A.N: I do not own Percy Jackson
Percy’s P.O.V:
“Chaos?” I asked in surprise.
Chaos looked behind him and noticed me.
“Oh hi Percy!” He said in his high pitched voice “say aren’t you a little too young to drink?”
“Never mind that.” I said putting away my drink. “What are you doing here?”
Chaos’s mood became serious. Well as serious as you can when your voice sounds high pitched.
“She’s here.”
“Already?” Max said putting down his drink also.
“I can’t stay here long I have a war to fight.” Chaos said.
“Wait what war?” I asked.
“Max if you be so kind to explain the current situation.” Chaos said.
Then he gave us a peace sign as he transported out.
“What did he mean by war?” I asked
“A war is preparing at Camp Half Blood I don’t know how but Carly managed to alter the ancient law.”
My eyes widened.
“She altered it so only Chaos and demigods can enter if Chaos himself is participating in this fight it can only be one thing... Nexus is rising.” Max said
“Who’s Nexus?” I asked
“Nexus is the third brother of Chaos and Keeper. Chaos and him were fighting for thousands of years until Chaos finally won in a desperate attempt to erase him Chaos removed anything and everything of Nexus in history. The only reason why he’s even here now is through mere will power.” Max said
This was a little too much to take in if I knew this was coming I would’ve token a shot of Vodka and killed myself already.
“Carly’s here.” Keeper said ruining the tension in the atmosphere.
We all ran out to see a giant temple in front of us. On top was Carly sitting down.
“Well hello there!” She shouted at us. “It’s been a while!”
“What do you want?” I asked.
“Well come in and you’ll find out.”
The door opened. The dead tried to go in but words keep popping out of nowhere stopping them in their tracks. For some reason I could read them “Only Chaos Host’s are allowed to enter it read. Then I realized it wasn’t even a language.
“What does it say kid?” Max said.
“How did you-?” I asked but Max interrupted
“One of the perks of being a chaos host you can understand forgotten languages.” Max explained
“Well it says only Chaos hosts are allowed to enter.”
“Crap I figured as much normally the dead can break through this no problem but she must be using an older language looks like you’re on your own.”
“Great.” I said
As I walked in Max grabbed my hand.
“I hate to do this to you so early but you have to kill her.”
“What?” I asked.
“Look if you kill her you can disband her magic allowing the gods to enter, she also no doubt summoned thousands of skeletons to attack camp half blood.”
I stood there for a minute than grudgingly agreed. I walked in to see Carly sitting on a throne chair.
“Finally you won’t believe how boring it is in here.” Carly said
“Why are you here?” I asked
“Well I came here to kill you of course.” She said as if it were obvious.
“Well why are you helping Nexus.”
“Because Perseus I was an outcast exiled because I let a criminal escape.” Carly replied anger rising in her voice. This was a touchy subject.
“So you decided to defect to Nexus’s side.”
“Yes.” Was her reply
Before I can say anything else she summoned two skeleton soldiers to fight me. Faster than I thought I pulled out Riptide and slashed at them.
Carly had that look I see a lot from Annabeth the look that analyses your every move trying to find the best possible way of taking you down. She summoned a dozen soldiers next. With one slash I managed to take down two at the exact same time. These guys weren’t hard to beat but there like zombies. They’ll win through numbers.
I grabbed one of the soldiers by the head and tossed it towards Carly. She snapped her fingers and the skeleton disappeared into dust the same way how monsters die. I slashed off another skeleton as Carly getting bored use one of her own skeletons to slam me to a wall a huge crack appeared. As I stood up I grabbed a piece of debris and threw it at Carly. The debris went faster than I expected and Carly ducked.
It must be from being a Chaos Host I thought.
Enhanced agility I figured as I finished off the remaining soldiers. Carly was about to summon more but faster than I thought I ran into her thrusting my sword at her. Now normally I’m not a killer but this lady was trying to kill me on separate occasions. She ducked and kicked me in the stomach causing me to fly back as I flew I coughed a little bit of blood out.
I got up feeling a little dazed but other than that I was fine.
“Nothing can stop us.” Carly continued. “Chaos will fade and everything else along with it!”
“Not if I can help it!” I screamed as I lunged towards her
This time a sword appeared in her hand. It was the ones the skeletons would use. Our swords linked as we fought each other. We jumped away from each other after the fifth slash. As she jumped she summoned two Skeletons to attack me.
This was my chance. I thought as I leaped towards her
I slashed the two soldiers and made my way to slash her next. As I was closing in on her something happened. My sword began to change into a scythe as I slashed her. I realized it was Chaos’s scythe. As she landed to the floor I can see the blood leaving her body.
“To think you would be able to summon a Chaos Scythe so quickly.” She said
My scythe changed back to riptide I tried summoning it again but it wouldn’t work.
“Don’t expect me to caress your cheek and beg for forgiveness I chose my side and stuck to it I’m sure you can relate.” Carly said while coughing out blood
I looked into her eyes and instantly knew she was dead serious. I lay down next to her not minding the blood.
“Hmm I wonder where you’ll go now.” I said
“I don’t know” was her reply.
That was her last words before she died from blood loss. I closed her opened eyes and muttered “rest in peace” as I walked outside.
The dead were praising me as I saw the building starting to disappear.
“Good job kid but there is still one more thing that needs to be done.” Max said.
“I know.” I said
Keeper was next to him and with a wave of his hand a portal appeared.
“Good luck you’ll need it.” Keeper said
I nodded and walked in.
Hey guys sorry for not updating but home work and all
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