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Chaos remix chapter 17
A.N: I don’t own PJO
I crash landed about a meter from the ground
Ow I thought
As I got up I began to see the camp... what’s left of it anyway most of the cabins have been destroyed. On the hill I saw two figures fighting, it was Chaos and Nexus. Instinctively I ran over. I was vaguely aware of campers noticing me but that wasn’t exactly my top priority right now. I saw Alpha taking out a horde of skeletons these ones had a different aura of power than Carly’s. They must have belonged to Nexus.
I was about two feet away from them when Nexus looked right at me he sniffed the air like a hound.
“A chaos host? You sneaky bastard Chaos.” Nexus said.
Nexus voice sounded dark and evil. His arm extended enough to grab me and what happened next was just downright ridiculous Nexus swallowed me. I couldn’t breathe and all I saw was pitch black. I didn’t know how long I was in there but I was event
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Chaos Remix Chapter 16
A.N: I do not own Percy Jackson
Percy’s P.O.V:
“Chaos?” I asked in surprise.
Chaos looked behind him and noticed me.
“Oh hi Percy!” He said in his high pitched voice “say aren’t you a little too young to drink?”
“Never mind that.” I said putting away my drink. “What are you doing here?”
Chaos’s mood became serious. Well as serious as you can when your voice sounds high pitched.
“She’s here.”
“Already?” Max said putting down his drink also.
“I can’t stay here long I have a war to fight.” Chaos said.
“Wait what war?” I asked.
“Max if you be so kind to explain the current situation.” Chaos said.
Then he gave us a peace sign as he transported out.
“What did he mean by war?” I asked
“A war is preparing at Camp Half Blood I don’t know how but Carly managed to alter the ancie
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Chaos remix chapter 15
A.N: I own nothing (Also read my A.N on the bottom really important.)
Percy’s P.O.V:
“Follow me.” He said as he got up using his cane and walked out before I could respond.
“So... you said I’m in the void but isn’t it for dead people?” I asked and immediately regretted it.
For a split second I could have sworn the guys face looked murderous. I let out a sigh of relieve when I saw that his looked change to a poker face. Probably think it’s not my fault that I’m stupid.
“Well let’s move on.” The man finally said.
“Wait what’s your name?” I asked.
He stopped right there. I was afraid he was going to give me that look again but he just scratched his head as if he didn’t know. Five minutes later he still was confused.
“I honestly don’t know.”
“What how come you don’t know your name?” I asked
“Well barel
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Chaos Remix chapter 14
Third Person P.O.V 3 weeks later:
Alpha was currently having the worst day of his life. He just got his ears screamed at by Chaos’s council (or the useless club as Alpha likes to call them). He rubbed his ears as he turned off the holographic projection of the council. The strange thing was Chaos wasn’t even there and the council hated him because of his rebellious streak. As he walked out of his tent he noticed everyone gathered around the camp fire. Strange considering it wasn’t even night time yet. As he walked toward it he noticed that Chaos himself was standing there as everyone talked about him curiously.
“Oh hey Alpha.” Chaos said waving him with his gigantic right hand. “You should try some of this stuff!”
Chaos grabbed an entire turkey and gulped it down. His mask made a gigantic hole as the turkey entered through and closed just as quickly leaving no evidence that it was opened before. As he chewed it down a big bubble shape appears o
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Chaos Remix chapter 13
A.N: I am so sorry for not updating at all on this fanfic for a few weeks. It’s just that I have a test coming up on French and I need to study. Also I don’t own anything on Percy Jackson all material expect my OC’s belong to Rick Riordan
______*insert awesome line break here*______
Percy’s P.O.V
Gadget pulled out a tube from god knows where and laid it on the table. The tube get rolling in to a cylinder and eventually Gadget grabbed two 100 cm rulers and placed one on the top and the other on the bottom swearing all the way.
We had difficulty keeping our laughter.
“Oh shut up.” Gadget said “Anyway there’s a party going on at the mansion tonight.  The person’s daughter’s birthday apparently, were going to sneak into this party.”
“Hmm seems simple enough.” I said.
“Well there’s another problem...” Gadget trailed off
“Well the only way to get to the owner is if t
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Therapy time
A.N: I do not own Percy Jackson I only own my OC Emily and the plot
Emily's P.O.V
I was reading a book when a knock was on my door. My gray eyes looked over at the door as I walked towards it. I opened the door to reveal Chiron standing in front of me.
"Oh Chiron what a pleasant surprise what brings you here?"
"Oh yes child well you see we need to talk" The centaur said as he signaled for me to come along.
I followed him into the big house as I took a seat where Dionysus usually sat.
"So what's up?" I asked.
"Well do you happen to know this site call" Chiron asked.
"That site? Yeah I know all about." I said that site was disgusting I put that site on my ban list.
"Well the characters that are on that site have been experiencing psychological issues. I believe your father was a therapist."
I nodded. My dad was a poor subject for me when I was eight my dad tried to bring me to Camp. When we made it to the hill monsters came and attacked. Luckily campers came to save me bu
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Chaos remix chapter 12
A.N: I don't own Percy Jackson. All material belongs to Rick Riordan except for the OC's and plot.
Alpha's P.O.V
I couldn't sleep. Joe said that Percy has Kronos inside of him. I don't believe him but I am known to be the most paranoid in the army. I resisted the urge to make sure for the moment and just stayed there until morning. I was used to doing this. In fact I barely slept anymore. Being a Chaos Assassin make you see things you wish you can forget.
   In the morning I walked up to the head of the ship not feeling hungry. Percy walked up next to me and looked at the shore.
"You know didn't you?" Percy stated.
"I had my suspicions." I answered
Well that answers my theory I thought.
"Can you do anything to help? Slow it down at least?"
"Magic isn't exactly my field of experience."
Percy let out a sigh. "Please don't tell anyone. No use in worrying people."
"I know. Tell you what after all this we can let Chaos do something."
"You mean the guy that acts like a kid and
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Attack of the Fan Girls
A.N: The following is a parody and I do not own any of the characters. Please do not kill me... If you excuse I got to go by some bullet proof armor and maybe some guns- Yeah I should do that
Percy's P.O.V
Me and Nico were sitting at a cafe and before you start saying this is Perico it's not. Don't think I don't know what you fan fiction authors do here. Anyways Nico shadow travel us here because of something important.
"Ok emo boy what's so important?" I asked getting straight to the point.
He didn't react to it which scared me.
"Ok" Nico said after a minute. "Have you noticed how Annabeth looks at me like she's going to hang me?"
"Yeah actually." I said. Ever since Annabeth went to this sight call she looks like she's ready to bury Nico six feet under the underworld.
"Well apparently this sight is more crazy than I thought look." He said passing me his IPhone. I read what it said.
"OH GOD!" I said passing it back and shielding my eyes. "What person does that?!?"
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Chaos remix 11
Joe's P.O.V
I can't believe that idiot Percy. He knocked me out and not let me go now. Everywhere I go Percy's back! I'm sick of it these guys should be worshipping me. Not that coward who ran away from his problems. I went to sleep hoping that I can get my head together.
Dream Time:
I was floating in a endless space for a while. After what seemed like a eternity a flash of light came to me. I covered my eyes when I opened them again I saw it was her. The girl from my last dream
"Hello" She said.
"Hey" I said coolly
The girl giggled as if I did something wrong.
"What?" I asked annoyed.
"Nothing anyway Perseus is starting to become a threat to everyone. You must report to Olympus about it."
"I knew it! He was a spy."
"Yes Kronos has inhabited his body like I said earlier and he must be stopped."
"Ok I'll do it than everyone will see how awesome I am and Annabeth will finally be mine."
I noticed she twitched a little bit before she smiled again. "good" she said before everything faded...
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Chaos Remix chapter 10
Camp half blood
Campers were all huddled together at the boat. Joe was walking confidently to the boat. Joe was about to get on when Percy hit him so hard he knocked out.
"Oh no he's knocked out." Percy said casually as if it's a regular occurrence.
Alpha just shrugged and walked in Percy followed close behind and what he saw almost made him crapped his pants. A robot was standing there with a girl next to it.
"Omega? What are you doing here?" Alpha asked confused.
"Chaos told me to come things must be serious if all of us are here." She said.
"Wait." Annabeth said. "Wasn't there seven of you."
Alpha, Lightspeed, and Omega stayed quiet.  
"Let's go in." Alpha said changing the subject.
As they walked in Omega introduced herself. They learned she was a daughter of Zeus and some other information.
"What's with the robot?" Nico asked.
"Oh that's just Cyber don't mind him." Omega replied.
Cyber was big. Like huge big. He was taller than everyone by at least three inches. Every ti
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Chaos Remix chapter 9
Camp Half blood
Alpha and Percy were walking in the woods.  
"So you mind telling me why you let Joe in the first place?" Percy asked after a few moments of silence.
"Well that's what you get for making me sit with him." Alpha said.
Percy sighed. "Ok. So I got this while I was at my mom's apartment." He showed the box that he got earlier in his apartment.
"Hmm, impressive. Ok a deals a deal." Alpha said after a minute of thinking.  
He walked over and placed his hand on Percy's eye and muttered what Percy presumed was a magic word. After he took his hand off Percy removed his eye patch he ran over to the lake and examined his eye. It was normal. Sadly most of the Campers were there and when they saw him Percy was immediately bombed with questions. Thankfully Alpha explained since Percy was in no mood to start explaining. When Alpha was done everyone was quiet in amazement while some of the Apollo campers couldn't help but be jealous of Alpha's abilities. As Percy wa
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Chaos remix 8
Percy's Apartment front door
Percy couldn't explain the nervousness of entering his apartment. He simply ignored the feeling. Well ignore isn't exactly the right term. More like suppress it until he can't think of it anymore.
Anyway Percy walked up the door and after five minutes of thinking what he's going to say Percy knocked on it. There was nothing at first but then he heard a faint "I'll get it". Percy noticed the voice was Paul's. Paul opened the door and gasped as he saw Percy.
"Uh Sally you might want to get in here." Paul said.
Sally walked up and gasped too. This time she looked like she was about to burst in tears of Joy. She quickly hugged him before dragging him in. While they were in there Percy was bombed with questions. Percy then explained everything from how he was found and the Chaos army etc. His parents for their part just nodded. When Percy was finished his Parents were deep in thought.
"Okay." Paul said after a few minute of silence. "You're saying the world is i
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Chaos remix chapter 7
Camp half blood, Big house
When Percy walked in the first thing he noticed all his former friends there and Dionysus and Chiron. Nico nodded at him and he nodded back. Nico was one of the few people that didn't totally backstab for his brother which was sitting in the corner currently at the corner. Gadget decided to start.
"Okay so from what the captured demigod that Alpha beaten to a bloody pulp until he confessed. He only knows the location of a bartender that knows where the supplier is. the demigod also calls there little band of rouge demigods "The Hand Of Kronos"."
"I wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp." Percy whined while Alpha just chuckled. Annabeth smiled as some of the old Percy came back.
Gadget pressed a button and an image of a bar popped out.
"I know that place" Percy said "Gabe would force me to get his beer there when I was little."
"Why didn't you step up for yourself? Oh wait! You're too weak." Joe said mad.
Percy walked up and slammed his head down on the table. E
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Chaos remix chapter 6
Camp Half blood  
Grover was with his girlfriend Juniper (as usual) when he suddenly had a mass headache. Juniper helped him to his feet with a look of concern on her face
"What happened?" She asked.
"Percy I think I just connected with him again."
"Where?" Juniper asked/demanded.
"Big house come on." Grover said excitedly.
The two ran to the big house to see Annabeth walking out.
"Annabeth is Percy inside?" Grover asked excitedly.
"Yes but he's talking with alpha."
"Oh." Grover said a little sad to not see his friend right now.
Percy was walking out of the big house with when he got ambushed by Grover.
"Percy I can't believe it's you" Grover said
Percy was about to reply when all of a sudden he got ambushed by Campers asking him questions all at once.
"Enough!" a camper shouted.
Percy was about to say "thanks" when he noticed it was Joe
"Why are you worshiping him when I'm here?" Joe asked
Everyone glared at him which caused him to shut up. Percy would rather face the Minota
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chaos remix chapter 5
Camp half blood
"So let me get this straight." Percy said while taking a drink from his water cup. "What you're saying is that the titans are going to rise and that guy is Alpha commander of the chaos army and you guys got my memories back by altering the potion I used. And you beated the crap out of Conner until he told you which one I ordered."
Annabeth and Alpha simply nodded. Percy could only gave a annoyed sigh.
"Annabeth I need to talk with Percy in private." Alpha said and Annabeth walked out. Before she walked out Percy could have sworn he saw a tear come down her face. "Percy I know things been tough but I want to give you a chance of a new life. Lord Chaos has requested you too join us."
This got Percy to spit out his drink. He didn't knew Lord Chaos himself wanted him to join.
"Is this one of those must-say-yes-or-else types of questions?" Percy asked curiously.
"Nope it's your choice." Answered Alpha.
"Well in that case I don't want to accept."
This statement was so surpris
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Chaos remix chapter 4
Camp half blood, Joe (P.O.V)
(A.N I'm trying third person P.O.V for this chapter to see if I'm any good at it)
One would describe Joe as a person to die from pride. After Percy left one of the younger campers described Joe as if a monster ever attacks camp half blood I hope its Joe. This quote would later turn on as one of the camps motivational posters. These posters would be sold by the infamous duo the Stoll brothers at the camp store.
Joe was right now sitting at his cabin steps while being sent glares from other campers that walked by.
This is unfair, Thought Joe. Somehow my lunatic of a brother got the campers too hate me.
The truth is Joe's thought is actually Ironic because he was the one too ruin Percy's life. How Joe did this would surprise most of the campers because his I.Q was as equal as how clean can the Hermes cabin be. Anyway how he did this was he spiked the camps water supply with a potion that would cause people to obey his command. The potion has now expired and th
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